The Service Management API provides an interface for the partner to call in order to notify Pilvi of changes to Services. Service Management API is a supplementary API meant to be used with a Service Integration API Implementation.


Getting Started

First you need to have a working implementation of the Service Integration API.



Each request to the API has to be authenticated.

The same API key that the Partner has provided to be used with the Service Integration API, is used to authenticate Service Management API requests.

The API key must be passed in every requests as a header parameter “x-api-key”.
API requests will only be allowed over HTTPS to ensure secure communication.

API Reference

Swagger UI



How parameter change is handled when it alters the price of the Service?

When Service parameter value is changed it is calculated whether the Service owner should be billed or refunded. This is done by calculating services recurring price with a new parameter value and comparing it to services price with the old parameter value. The difference between the prices is adjusted according to services expire time. If the parameter value decreases the recurring cost of the service, service owner will be refunded accordingly. If instead the parameter value change increases the recurring cost of the service, service owner will be billed the according amount which will be transferred to the seller.