Kronometrix monitoring at Pilvi

Pilvi infrastructure consists of roughly 20 servers. A couple months ago we changed our monitoring provider to Kronometrix, a company that develops an IT monitoring solution called In addition, Kronometrix also provides a 24/7 server administration service, Kronometrix Cloud View.

After couple of months of using Kronometrix as our monitoring solution we couldn’t be more satisfied with the service. We had no major issues with our previous monitoring provider, but with Kronometrix we have had a much higher level of service. We have received proactive suggestions about avoiding possible future issues in our environments. This has been helpful while planning for the future of our platform. It is also great to receive ideas about optimizing the current environment instead of just suggestions of adding more resources.


Here are some highlights of the features that we have found to be useful while using Kronometrix.

An overall view of our infrastructure


Detailed utilization information per environment or server


Keep track of all the certificates used in our environments and effortlessly check their validity periods


Uptime percentages for each monitored services


Since Kronometrix also handles the 24/7 monitoring of all our environments, we receive automatic alerts when ever Kronometrix detects anomalies on our servers.

So far we have been very pleased with the proactivity of Kronometrix support and their swift response times.