Pilvi Dev Update – May

May release is live now. The release contains bugfixes and a few new features like Zapier integration and support for creating your own Pages on the Pilvi Platform.


Zapier integration

The first version of Zapier integration is now available. Integration is still available as invite-only, so send us a message at support@pilvi.com to get access to Pilvi application on Zapier.

The integration current supports three Triggers:

  • New Service
  • New Product
  • New Customer Profile

Using these Triggers you can setup Zaps on Zapier that perform actions of your choosing based on these Triggers from the Pilvi Platform.


Support for Customer defined Pages

Simple HTML pages can now be created from the Manager UI using a WYSIWYG (What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) editor. You can also create different language versions of the same page.

Three default pages with placeholder texts are created automatically for every Site:

  • Contact Page
  • Terms of Use
  • Privacy Policy

NOTE: For existing customers these Pages were added in inactive state, so they are not automatically shown.


Preferences for controlling side menu header links

We added new Preferences for controlling the Side menu links for Terms of use, Privacy policy and Contact pages. With these Preferences you can control whether you’d like the links to point to the corresponding Pages on Pilvi Platform, or to to an external URL.


Other changes and fixes

  • Changes to edit button logic and texts. Add button is now shown only in View mode. In Edit mode, the text on the Edit button is changed to ‘Cancel’.
  • Trailing slashes in URLs are ignored by default
  • Fixed a bug where the WYSIWYG editor failed to initialize after multiple sequential uses


In the next release we will have a some major changes related our background processes. At the same time we will be introducing Invoices as a concept on our Platform. More on this later.