Latest release – Pilvi 1.1.0 with Profile properties and system pages

The latest update went live 8th Jan 2019. The update included new functionalities for managing customer information and customizable system pages to manage content in various pages.


  • Profile Properties management is found under Customers in Manager. You can add you preferred fields and define the type and usage.
  • Customizable System Pages enables you to modify text in different pages around shop and checkout. You’ll find system pages in manager from System pages tab in Site -> Pages.
  • Added Ordered By info to Services and Orders. You’ll find the user info (who made the order) from Orders.
  • New Property Value Type: TEXTAREA. You can add text area field to your service configuration page.
  • New Property Value Type: DATE. You can add date picker to your service configuration page.


  • Fix for User created times showing a wrong time.
  • Fix for registering via Azure AD B2C with Facebook account.
  • UI Adjustments for CollectionEditor styles in Manager
  • UI fix to use abbreviations for periods in places with limited space