Today is a cheerful day for Pilvi! Lately we have been taking giant leaps towards publishing our Pilvi Shop for SaaS! For example recurring payment support has been implemented. Yet, there is still lot to do before the launch.


Embeddable Order Channel

Support for Invoices and Discounts


We will bring you all the key performance indicators that your SaaS-business requires. With our dashboard you can easily understand which functions are building up your revenue the fastest, which customer is the most profitable, is there something you could do better and so on. We will demonstrate the most viable metrics like Visitor-to-signup-to-customer conversion rate, Customer churn rate, Monthly recurring revenue, Average revenue per customer, Customer lifetime value, Customer acquisition costs and much more.

2017 June

Enhanced UI/UX

A new cleaner and more refined theme.

Enhanced VAT handling

2016 December

Message Center Beta

Message templates are now customizeable and themeable by the site owner. First set of Action Rules have landed, which enables you to alter the behaviour your site. Basic set of default rules is provided by default.

Product Card Group support

Pilvi Embedded library now has support for groups of Product Plans.
Product Card Groups are now editable on the Manager.

2016 October

Message Center Alpha

We are taking our first steps on building our Messaging Center which allows you to stay better in touch with your customers and helps you to manage your pending orders. The Messaging Center will also alert you if there is something wrong with your business and gives you advices how to improve your it. Currently we are building our email templates and address-manager.

Site Builder

With our amazing Site Builder -tool you can style your own site from scratch or use our fully customizable templates. At the moment we are finishing the structure of our templates and testing the Site Builder.

Admin Panel Restructure

We will provide a multi-dimensional solution for product management and advanced order management.


Actually it is a bit more than just a facelift. At this very moment we are enhancing our user interface so that you and your customers can have better experience while using Pilvi Shop.