Pilvi Monthly Dev Update – November

November release is live now. Its mainly a bugfix-release because of some delays in getting the last month’s release out. You can check our Roadmap for features to come.


Towards the December release

No new major features made it to November release, but work is underway for enhanced management of the message templates that our platform sends. You’ll be able to write your own messages and to control when they are send to your customers.


Coming: More Facelift changes

Last month we released the first stage of our platform’s facelift. We have been quite busy with the next round of UX updates that you will be seeing later this year.


Coming: Order channel improvements

We have been working on allowing you to handle the order process fully on your site. Your customers will be able to perform the checkout process from the start to finish on your site with our new embeddable order channel due later this year. Order channel will also be receiving UX love.

UI Mockup of the embeddable order channel